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Ubuntu server - losing data


I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 in VMware.

It worked great untill i did something stupid because my firewall was turned on. So, the problem I think comes from:sudo dhclient eth0. After entered this command, and did a little more programming I had to shut it down. Now, I can't boot it normally.

Also, I get this error: pic1 Which I skip by CTRL+ALT+F2.

Now, I am okey losing this ubuntu server, but i need the sensitive data from it.

So, Without any burning software, i tried:

  1. Using removable drive and it detects it but I don't know where to find it. Even if I go here: - nothing happens pic2 pic3
  2. I have a partition fat32 empty so I mounted it as a second hard disk - Also, I don't know where to find it elsewhere than /mount. pic4 pic5

The network adapter: pic6

How can I recover the data? Is it lost? Can I fix the bug? I want network acces so Samba can work - would be so easy.

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