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Okay, so I have a new server with ubuntu 12.04. I added the drive from my old and was trying to move data from the main drive and of course when I mounted it I ran into Access_Your_Private_Data.desktop and README.txt files as I had used the default home drive encryption when I installed the older OS. In effort to fix this I went through a tutorial that evidently didn't cover all aspects of the process and it appears to have had some undesired consequences. Prior to trying to decrypt the drive I could boot it another machine and access the data no problem as it would un-encrypt at sign in, however now the partition seems to be mounted to /home/username/.Private. At the very least I'm trying to undue this so I can have a chance at recovering the data on the drive. At best I'd like to remove encryption from the home drive all together. Any help would be great! I used the following commands:

# D=/media/chroot
# mount -o bind /dev $D/dev
# mount -o bind /sys $D/sys
# mount -o bind /dev/shm $D/dev/shm
# mount -o bind /proc $D/proc

sudo mount -t ecryptds /home/(username)/.ecryptfs/Media/.ecryptfs /mnt/Media/Old
sudo ecryptfs-mount-private
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