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I have tried several options from various forums. Proper calibration should not be this difficult.

I have run the calibration tool and most sites say to include a section of the output in a particular file in the /etc/x11/.... file. This file does not exist.

One site said the file was in the /usr/x11/.... directory and that an additional option for calibration should be added. This made no difference.

I included the section from the calibration tool in this file renaming the input device.

This also had no effect.

Does anyone know how to successfully calibrate my touchscreen, and can Ubuntu guru's develop the calibration software so that the output of the calibration tool is automatically stored where it should be?

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I have a cf19 mk2 using any linux distro. xinput_calibrator is the program to use. Install it run it do what it tells you to do. the file needs to be in the directory /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ you may need to create "mkdir" xorg.conf.d. then a file is created in there by you and the output of xinput_calibrator run inside a terminal needs to be cut and paste into it. Slackware 14 is working very well for me at the moment, but if you are new to linux use the latest Ubuntu. Screen rotation needs xrandr -o "left,Right,Normal" to work but you need to research the extra options to those commands to include the t/screen settings. Good luck when it works it works VERY well, Cheers.

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