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Some of combinations with Fn on my Dell Vostro 2520 don't seem to work.

  • Fn+F8 (rewind back)
  • Fn+F9 (play/stop)
  • Fn+F10 (rewind forward)

I think that these keys need to be set up system-wide. I looked settings managerwindow managerkeyboard and some other places. Yet I fail to find where to set up these keys.

Could you tell me where to set thease keys up or a player that will understand them straight away? I'm using Aqualung Install aqualung currently.

Update 1
I've tried media keys in banshee. Don't work there too.
And no dell provided drivers.

Update 2 But in parole media keys work! hm... now i need to pick up mp3 player

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Dell sells this device with Ubuntu 11.10 pre-installed as well and the Ubuntu certification programme for the Vostro 2520 states it is only certified with this preinstalled image. Please check the Dell support page for any hints on this - they may have a fix/package/article about this for Ubuntu. These media keys should be working out of the box with regular media players. Can you check this with the Ubuntu default player? – gertvdijk Feb 4 '13 at 12:04
As of update 2 - would there be any suggestions about mp3 players ? – Elmor Feb 5 '13 at 10:51

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