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I am looking to propose a new system internally at work for learning purposes and think that Ubuntu Cloud might be appropriate but I am not sure (a lot of presentations are too sales orientated and a lot of tutorials are very testing based, settting up only a single box etc). As such I had some questions to help me make the decision:

  1. We currently have very few servers to create this environment with so I want to keep machine dedicated to none nova purposes to a minimum, can I install all services except nova on a single machine and have it run well?
  2. Can the above setup be easily clustered/duplicated if we want redundancy?
  3. Can it be easily setup to allow users to create new machines and boot them from ISOs (such as Windows, CentOS etc) via horizon?
  4. Can each user be capped on how many resources they are allowed to use?
  5. Can this all be done on 12.04 as we would need the LTS?

This was posted also on the Ubuntu Forums a few days ago but I have had no feedback so hoped the folks over here might be able to weigh in instead.

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