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I recently got a Dell XPS 600 which comes with a Pentium D processor. I am moving my data and operating systems from an old Pentium 4 machine to this one. I am running Kubuntu 12.10 32 bit.

I know this can appear as a double question, but what I am requesting here is information about what makes my "64 bit" (apparently the Pentium D isn't a true 64 bit?) computer different from a 32 bit one, practically, and what that entails OS- and hardware-wise. I will point out two specific holes in my knowledge:

  1. Would I gain anything by switching to the 64 bit version of my OS, Kubuntu 12.10, considering my specific hardware/OS combination?
  2. Is it true that you have to put twice as much RAM in a 64 bit system?
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@UriHerrera The answers don't address the practical side of things, as I'm requesting, but the technical. Also, this is actually processor specific, since the Pentium D is quasi-64 bit. I will add detail to the question. –  searchfgold6789 Feb 4 '13 at 3:23
Actually it does a little bit, and the rest can be found with simple research... so I would say OK to close the question –  searchfgold6789 Feb 4 '13 at 3:40
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