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A company named Clear provides 4G internet services and sells devices for it, such as the Clear Stick Atlas. That device is supposedly to work on Linux, Android™ and Chrome OS. They have a disclaimer that says that Linux, Android™ and Chrome versions must support Remote Network Driver Interface Service Specification (RNDIS) or Communication Device Class (CDC).

Has anyone had any luck with any of these firmware/drivers or devices purchased from Clear?

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The USB stick is probably just a rebrand from a "real manufacturer", such as Huawei. Try to find out what kind of hardware this is under the Clear label and it will be a lot easier to find more information about it. – gertvdijk Feb 4 '13 at 0:46

I ordered from Clear on Saturday evening(2/9/13). I paid $99.00 for 4G Unlimited and the Clear Atlas Stick. My stick arrived today(2/12/13). I plugged it in and less than five minutes later I was surfing the web. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a Toshiba laptop. Works great. You can text me at (206) 769-9149 if you have any questions. I was concerned that the stick wouldn't work with Ubuntu, but it works great.

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Has anyone had any luck with any of these firmware/drivers or devices purchased from Clear?

The FreedomPop Bolt, and Clear Stick Atlas are manufactured by Ubee Interactive WiMax device, model: PXU1964, which uses the Sprint's 2500 MHz frequency WiMax service.

A report says a FreedomPop Bolt worked on a Debian variant.

A report says the Ubee PXU1964 works on an Android Nexus 10.

A report says the Ubee PXU1964 itself runs Linux. The stick runs a web server, nmap -O says the TCP stack is running on Linux.

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