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I installed compiz-settings-manager and then the extras plugin. The only reason I did this is so that I could 'put' an application/window to my other monitor. That is the only thing I changed.

However, I noticed now that after I type in my password at the login screen and hit [enter] it takes longer. It used to be pretty much instant. Now, I see my background right away and then it sits there for at least 10 seconds then the unity launcher shows up.

I have since purged both of the applications I installed. I then ran some 'reset' package I found online that didn't seem to really do anything. I am still having the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

It's just one of those little quirks that is really bugging me mainly because I know it never used to do that. I really don't want to have to re-install Ubuntu.


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