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Is there a way to completely remap actions of clickpad / touchpad?

I would like to be able to configure these things on my Samsung Series 9 900x3c clickpad (I would pick some of them that are possible to configure):

  1. Bottom right clickpad button click would initiate left mouse button click (so the whole trackpad means only left mouse button - this would remove the need for tapping in most cases: I could just move the pointer and press down the clickpad)
  2. Two finger dragging stuff. This is an alternative for touchpad users to allow easy dragging. In this case putting down two fingers would mean left mouse button click and dragging these two fingers while touching would mean dragging.
  3. Three finger natural scrolling. To replace two finger scrolling (because it would now mean dragging)
  4. Four finger window move (to replace three finger). Currently windows 8 detects 4 fingers while Ubuntu does not.
  5. Clickpad edges to change workspace. The edges of touchpad already working in Windows 8.
  6. Disable bottom part of touchpad. This is to enable normal touchpad clicking buttons on Clickpad

So is there any uber geek configuration in text editor that would enable all or at least some of these options?



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