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I recently got a Canon PIXMA MG6320 printer and I love it, but I can't seem to get it to print on Ubuntu 12.10. I went through the standard setup, and it connected fine, until time came to print. I looked online for drivers, but there were none for Ubuntu or Linux in general.

Thanks in advance,


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This site is from Canon Australia and it has both scan and print drivers for Canon MG6300 series printers. For Ubuntu choose the Debian drivers.

It has been my experience that Canon USA doesn't support Linux, but often you can find suitable Linux drivers at other Canon locations.

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I installed those drivers and it still did not print.

I found this tip somewhere else.

$ cnijnetprn --search auto

It returned this...

network cnijnet:/18-0C-AC-C8-67-F7 "Canon MG6300 series" "Canon-MG6300-series_18-0C-AC-C8-67-F7"

Then I used lpadmin, entering the printer name, ppd file and the MAC address from above.

$ sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p canonmg6320 -P canonmg6300.ppd -v cnijnet:/18-0C-AC-C8-67-F7 -E

I had to cd to where the *.pdd files are located (or enter the full path).

After that a new printer was listed as available, with the name canonmg6320. A test page worked.

The test page said that the driver was CNMG6300.PPD

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