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I have been trying to install a dual boot Win8 & 12.04.1 Ubuntu 64 bit on an Asus N56V laptop but did no managed to preform the task (trying different tricks and Linux releases). I have encountered the notorious grub-install fatal error.

I have managed to perform the task by the use of Linux Mint 14 – Nadia (64 bit), but there is a small problem with the Network configuration.

Ubuntu 12.04 is defined as a Long term support release (aimed at 2017) but there are a significant amount of Linus users who encountered problems while trying to install a dual boot with Win 8/7.

Should Canonical consider releasing an upgraded Ubuntu 12.04 which solves the EUFI related issues and newer hardware? This would allow users to benefit from a stable Linux distribution. The other option is to use an STS stable release that can tackle the mentioned problems.

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An upgrade, also known as a point release or 12.04.2, is scheduled for Feb 14 2013. It should include compatibility with UEFI, as well as better hardware support through a newer kernel, and integrate all updates and bug fixes.

Check out the Release Schedule for more info.

Should you wish to try it now, or help ISO testing, 12.04.2 daily images are available.

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For your dual boot problem:

You can always install a wubi instalation, it comes with dual boot.

It creates a root.disk and swap.disk on your Windows part, and all your operations on Ubuntu are encapsulated in those 2 files. Basically when you are prompted to choose the drive space, your root.disk gets allocated that much space, and its like a virtual drive for Ubuntu.

You can't access it from within Windows, but you can edit and manage it from the Ubuntu part.

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The Ubuntu 12.10 & 12.04.1 wubi (64 bit) failed to install. – Shaul Avraham Feb 3 '13 at 18:29

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