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I love feh to classify my image collections, I've set the actions to move the current image to a certain directory, the problem comes when trying to open gifs, feh doesn't animate them.

Therefore I was searching a lightweight image/gif viewer with the possibility to execute commands with simple key strokes as --action of feh does.

Thank you

I've found a program that might be good enough it's called gifview and it's an old version f gifsicle you can get it by installing gifsicle. The really interesting option is -w where you specify the window to open the gifs (so you can make all go to the same acting pretty much like feh), it still doesn't accept command inputs but it's close enough.

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If you have imagemagick installed, you can run animate -loop 0 file.gif – Braden Best Oct 2 '14 at 6:43

Depends on what you mean by light weight, lol. Based on your love of feh I suggest you look at gifsicle

home page -

man page -

I am not sure if gifsicle will display the image.

You might try displaying the image with your browser.

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I've read the whole manual and it says nothing of executing commands at keystroke – Vndtta Feb 1 '13 at 20:33
I've found something that might be good enough gifview, which is an old version of gifsicle – Vndtta Feb 8 '13 at 10:37
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It seems that there is no program that can do such thing... so I decided to make my own script, goes as follows (using feh and gifview) :

while read i; do
    file+=( "$i" )
done < <(ls | sort -R)

for i in $(seq 0 "${#file[@]}");do
    if [[ "${file[$i]}" =~ .*.gif ]];then
        gifview -a "${file[$i]}"
        read -s -n 1 choice
        case $choice in
            1)    //Command to execute//
            2)    //Other Command to execute//
        feh -rqzZFVY --cycle-once --action1 "//Comand to execute//" --action2 "//Other command to execute// "${file[$i]}"

The script first loads the files into the array file, then it loops through those files with the for loop. if the file is a gif the first conditional is triggered, then a read command gets the option you want to do with the file and executes the command under the case option, else it executes feh

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