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How to record any internal sound like mic in and speaker out from same PC running Ubuntu using Audacity or something else?

For example under Windows someone does like this: (i want to do the similar) In Windows Record internal sound


I installed pavucontrol but in record tab it does not show Monitor of <your soundcard>

enter image description here

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@Takkat: i followed the answer, but it does not work, cause in my EDIT you can see i do not have similar like in the ANSWER was showing. – YumYumYum Feb 1 '13 at 7:52
@Takkat: YEs 1) i started Audacity 2) After that i started the pavucontrol but same. Record tab on Pavucontrol always shows like i have shown in my EDIT. – YumYumYum Feb 1 '13 at 11:41
YES - it works doing something with Configuration tab. Thank you. Also strange the recording tab shows only when Audacity is in live Record mode. But not before idle mode. – YumYumYum Feb 1 '13 at 12:20
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To define the recording source for any recording application we may install pavucontrol Install pavucontrol.

As soon as we record any audio stream the name of the recording application and the source from where it records will be shown in the Recording tab. We then may be able to change the source to Monitor of <your soundcard> to record the output of our soundcard:

enter image description here

We may have to choose another audio profile in addition. This can be done from the "Configuration"-tab of pavucontrol, e.g. a "Duplex" sound profile for output of the microphone to our local audio sink:

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The only way I was able to do this on 12.04 was to load ALSA's module module-loopback as recommended by Charl Botha in this screen-cast.

The short story ( as explained there ):

  • Get PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol)
  • On Input devices tab, see that you have "Monitor of Built-in Analog Stereo" -- this is a virtual recording device with which you can record whatever's coming out of your speakers.
  • UPDATED: Now we just need to route your microphone to your speakers too. Do this by typing "pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1" at the shell prompt.
  • If you now record with audacity, or recordmydesktop, from the "Monitor of Built-in Analogy Stereo" (see Recording tab of pavucontrol after you start recording), you'll get your microphone as well as whatever's coming out of the speakers. This means that you can now easily record Skype meetings or private Google+ Hangouts.
  • UPDATED: On the Recording tab, you can show all streams (combobox at the bottom) and then configure which microphone (if you have more than one) should loopback into the built-in analog stereo

I think this module load has the same effect as the "Duplex" config recommended by @Takkat, but did not worked on my machine.

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You may have to select Analog Stereo Input (unplugged) in PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol), in order to make it work.

This was the only way I was able to record audio after trying everything else I could find on recording audio from the sound card. Unfortunately you can't listen to the output at the same time with this setting.

Also see screenshot:

enter image description here

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