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I successfully got my laptop hooked up to my 22 inch monitor with the help of you in How do I setup dual monitors in XFCE?. It is pretty cool working on Xubuntu on a big monitor (in 1680 x 1050 px). :-)

Due to some weird mouse cursor speed I am not (yet) accustomed to, I keep losing the cursor when I get to close the right edge of the screen. I already looked under in the settings under Workspaces, Window Manager and Window Manager Tweaks but wasn't successful concerning the mouse cursor movement.

My question: How can I (temporarily) disable the mechanic which enables all this? While I disable this, can I still keep the shortcut CTRL + ALT + RIGHT or CTRL + ALT + LEFT intact?

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Solution: Use arandr to properly deactivate the laptop monitor and properly configure the resolution for the external monitor to resolve all wonky and weird looking layouts. (Although it might look pretty good already.)

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