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From the way the Launchpad description reads, the nginx-extras package should have the Passenger module installed with it.

However, when I install nginx-extras and try to enable Passenger, I get the "unknown directive 'passenger_root'" error that indicates the module is not installed.

Is this package intended to have the Passenger module with it, or am I misreading the Launchpad description?

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I can't find passenger in the description for quantal (given in your link) and nowhere else (checked saucy, wheezy, sid). I also tried and can't get it to work with these packages (getting the same error message with nginx -t).

However, I would like to mention there is a solution installing NGINX with Phusion Passenger using the Brightbox PPA. This works fine for me in precise (12.04 LTS).

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Yeah, it seems they've changed the docs since I posted that, and I ended up either using Brightbox or doing my own build (since I needed modules that the Brightbox PPA didn't come with standard). – Shauna Aug 16 '13 at 13:54

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