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I'm doing a project on "grid Computing" and more specifically on "GRAM: job execution/resource management". I'm trying to install "Globus Toolkit".

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For installing Globus Toolkit nothing more easy than download the latest package:

sudo dpkg -i globus-toolkit-repo_latest_all.deb

Update the repositories: sudo apt-get update

Then install your desired package, using sudo apt-get install package being package any of these:

globus-gridftp GridFTP client and server tools

globus-gram5 GRAM5 client and server tools

globus-gsi Globus Security Infrastructure tools for managing certificates and proxies

globus-data-management-server Server tools for deploying a GridFTP server.

globus-data-management-client Client Tools for data management, including the GridFTP client programs and globus-url-copy

globus-data-management-sdk Development headers and documentation for writing applications using the GridFTP APIs.

globus-resource-management-server Server tools for deploying a GRAM5 resource manager

globus-resource-management-client Client tools for resource management, including the globusrun tool, and the globus-job-* tools.

globus-resource-management-sdk Development headers and documentation for writing applications using the GRAM5 APIs.


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