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I would really like a font for the elder futhark runes. I've looked around the site and searched on the net and con find nothing.

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Actally offtopic, but here you go: - Dingbats > Runes, Elvish

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to add this font to your ubuntu system, paste it in /usr/share/fonts/truetype and update the database:

$ sudo su
# cp /path/to/my_font.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype
# fc-cache -f -v
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That is not really necessary, just open the file with the default font viewer and click install. It will copy the file to ~.local/share/fonts and trigger other necessary actions. If you want to make the font files available to all users, I would recommend /usr/local/share/fonts instead. – LiveWireBT Jan 31 '13 at 15:29

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