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So, I've been doing some, apparently stupid, mistakes when it comes to my system and monitor configurations. I'm definitely a noob, just want that said.

I work with the 10.04 LTS, and use Nvidia GeForce GT 520, graphics card. Probably the newest drivers.

Anyway, the problem began when I wanted to set up a twinview to my TV thourgh HdMI, I worked it out and was able to get the twinview, BUT, when I unplugged the HDMI cable, things didn't go as I wanted them to:

The desktops were really big and I could drag a window outside of the viewable parts of my desktop, seeing it go out of those boundaries when looking at the icons showing all my desktops at the bottom-left corner(they were also bigger than usual). Now, I did manage to fix that, or rather, it was a makeshift fix.

It was now always set to 'twinview' instead of separate x-screen and every time I had to change the settings, because it would change whenever I logged out and in again. I think this was because of not saving the settings to the 'x-config.' file or something, which I tried later on, resulting in the mess I am in right now.

So I saved the settings, having both my main screen as separate as well as the other one(a virtual screen I think, because I'm not using any cables or anything at this point, and restarted the x-server(alt+print screen+k), which I was suggested as there was this certain window that would pop up and suggest I change what is possible or something. It logs me out and I suddenly find that the login window being outside of the viewable Parton the screen!

Seeing as how I could still login through just pressing enter and typing my password, I now get to be, yet again, in the part of the desktop where I can't see anything! I'm to the right of all the icons and such, to me it's just an empty screen.. If I'm lucky, I can approximate where I click, though I can't see anything, and sometimes manage to hit the shutdown option and such, but I'm a noob so I'm really depending on being able to see what I do. I need to fix this but don't really know how... Help please?

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Oh, and if possible, I'd like to return to my initial settings. I won't ever use that HDMI cable unless I know what I'm doing, again! –  user127514 Jan 31 '13 at 9:50
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