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after installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 and 12.10 respectively for over a few times, i noticed that within the Software Sources, by default, the Unsupported Updates (precise backports / quantal backports) are ticked.

unsupported ticked

By removing that source BEFORE applying the system updates, i can clearly say that it stopped many issues, like a lack of wifi driver recognition (see here: Wifi problem after ubuntu 12.10 update ) or other issues - from originally occurring.

Is there any plan to update this issue towards Raring? By this i call to simply tick the *-security and *-updates only.

how it should be, IMO


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This is by design.

From the 12.04 Release Notes

Backports are now more easily accessible -- to enable users to more easily receive new versions of software, the Ubuntu Backports repository is now enabled by default. Packages from backports will not be installed by default — they must explicitly be selected in package management software. However, once installed, packages from backports will automatically be upgraded to newer versions.

PS: I very much doubt there is anything related to wireless (or any kind of drivers) in the backports.

PPS: Not sure what's going to happen in Raring.

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so why not mark also the *-proposed source? – ushabtay Jan 31 '13 at 8:46

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