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Lubuntu uses PCmanFM as it's default file manager. I want to access my samba share with PCmanFM to upload and download files. I've already installed the "samba" and "cifs-utils" packages and thier dependancies. Installing them seems to allow me to see the windows network which I can open and see my workgroup, but I cannot open the workgroup. It looks like nothing happens when I click on it, but after a minute or two I start to get "Failed to retrieve share list from server" and "The specified location is not mounted" messages. I should have to authenticate a username and password before I can access the samba share, but no dialog comes up asking for any info.

How can I get PCmanFM to access my shared files?

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This should work:


in the PCmanFM address bar.




If you want to connect as a particular user, use


Under Lubuntu 14.10, this brought up a password dialog and then connected with the expected ownership and privileges.

Courtesy: Comment by Randall Cook

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Thanks for the tip, Saji, I tried in Raspbian with LXDE and works just fine. – rodrunner Sep 23 '15 at 20:05
@Rodrunner, Glad to have been on help, you may upvote the answer, if you're interested. ;) – saji89 Sep 25 '15 at 11:23

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