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I coverted the file from ISO to dmg. I tried to step 8 I get this message.

dd: /Desktop/2ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.dmgof=/dev/rdisk1s1: No such file or directory

Over and over again. I try to retrace the the Ubuntu dmg file and I find it on my desktop. What is going on. I am running macbook 6 1 with mountain lion as the OS. I have a flash drive that is 4GB formarted to FAT32

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I tried dragging my .dmg from Finder into Terminal to get the exact path and avoid typos.

I suggest that there needs to be a space between the dmg and the of shown in the following:

.dmg of=/dev (instead of .dmgof=/dev shown above.)

And try typing disk1 instead of disk1s1.

Best of luck, Phil

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