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I have been experiencing an on-going issue with Empathy's menu. If I open Empathy after I boot my box, the Empathy menu appears normally. Once I close Empathy and reopen it later, the menu has either disappeared or is there with limited options. The Empathy menu returns for one shot only after every reboot, then it disappears again.

Initially this was happening on Ubuntu 12.10 upgraded from 12.04 and with Gnome Shell installed over Unity. I suspected that Unity's global menu implementation may have been causing issues even though I uninstalled it, so I did a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome-Remix. The problem still exists on a clean install of Gnome Shell with no extensions installed or enabled. The attached screenshot shows what I mean, except I have added some extensions and changed Gnome Shell theme. The original problem still remains.

Empathy Menu Screenshot

I have tried running Empathy in debug mode, but I don't have any critical or error messages; the only warning messages say "Ignoring length property that isn't a number". I am at a loss as to what to do next except to file a bug report.

Has anyone here experienced the same thing, and if so is there a solution?

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