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having an issue with upstart where i can start it but when i run

sudo stop up

it hangs

this is the .conf file

# my upstart django script
# this script will start/stop my django development server
# optional stuff
description "start and stop the django development server"
version "1.0"
author "Calum"

console log

# configuration variables.
# You'll want to change thse as needed
env DJANGO_HOME=/home/calum/django/django-nexus7/nexus7
env DJANGO_PORT=8000
env DJANGO_HOST= # bind to all interfaces

# tell upstart we're creating a daemon
# upstart manages PID creation for you.
expect fork

# My startup script, plain old shell scripting here.
exec /usr/bin/python manage.py run_gunicorn -c config/gunicorn
#exec /usr/bin/python manage.py runserver $DJANGO_HOST:$DJANGO_PORT &
# create a custom event in case we want to chain later
emit django_running
end script

would really appreciate it if someone could give me an idea of why it hangs?

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think ive solved my issue, i didnt need the expect fork, and also i dont using exec inside the script tags is supposed to be done –  Calum Jan 31 '13 at 1:03

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