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I've added to Startup Applications this command:

notify-send "Hello User" "Welcome back to Ubuntu 12.10" --icon=/usr/share/unity-greeter/cof.png -a "Computer" -u critical

It does not appear at startup or login but works when run from terminal.

I've also tried putting the command in /etc/rc.local, but it doesn't work.

How can I run this command at each startup/login?

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I'm not sure why it isn't working for you, maybe because it runs before Unity is fully loaded. You could try adding a time delay using the sleep command.

I got it work by creating this script:

sleep 2s
notify-send "Hello User" "Welcome back to Ubuntu 12.10" --icon=/usr/share/unity-greeter/cof.png -a "Computer" -u critical

Save this to a file, set it as executable using chmod +x <filename> and add it to your start applications list.

If this doesn't work, try increasing the delay before the notify-send command runs.

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