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I have Ubuntu 12.04.1 installed on my Desktop (because 12.10 won't work with my GPU). Last Thursday, January 24th, I installed the updates that were recommended to me. I admit that I did not read through all the updates. When I restarted my computer, I could no longer connect to the internet!

I tried to usual stuff: Statically set my IPv4 settings, pinged my router, pinged my DNS server, and ran a traceroute on the DNS server. All the packets got to the DNS server just fine, but I am unable to connect to anything else. One would think that the issue was with my DNS server, but I can connect to the internet from my Laptop (both Ubuntu and Windows) and from Windows on my Desktop.

I figured one of the updates was the culprit, so I got the list of updated packages, pulled up Synaptic, and forced the versions back to the Precise release. When I went to apply the changes, I got error messages because the Repositories could not be reached.


  1. How can I load the packages from my Installation CD (assuming this is possible)
  2. Is there a way I can get a CD of just the old packages?
  3. Am I able to just download the older versions then force install them?
  4. Is it possible to backup my packages before preforming an update, then restore them if something goes wrong?
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