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When will GCC support for C++11 regex_token_iterator? Some of regex seems to be implemented, but the token iterator is not supported yet in my 32-bit Ubuntu/Linaro (version 4.7.2-4precise1) installation.

Any idea when this will be available?

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Similar question on SO: Compile std::regex_iterator with gcc And online GNU GCC docs say: no – gertvdijk Jan 30 '13 at 15:40

At the time of writing it's not even implemented in the development versions of GNU GCC as listed here:

This page describes the TR1 support in mainline GCC SVN, not in any particular release.


7.12.2    Class template regex_token_iterator N  regex_token_iterator constructors   N  regex_token_iterator comparisons    N  regex_token_iterator dereference    N  regex_token_iterator increment      N    

The C++ TR1 standard became part of the C++11 standard later as Wikipedia explains.

So, in my opinion, this is more of a question you should ask on the mailing list of GCC. They may have a good reasons to have this feature a lower priority or to not have it implemented.

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