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I'm trying to run gnome-disk-utility. But I cannot seem to find it.

sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility says its already installed, as does the software manager, however running gnome-disk-utility or palimpsest gets me command not found.

I have tried reinstalling it (sudo apt-get install --reinstall, and sudo apt-get remove ... sudo apt-get install), which does no good.

whereis: palimpsest return empty
whereis: gnome-disk-utility returns /usr/share/gnome-disk-utility, a folder which contains nothing but *.ui files

So, what has gone wrong, and how do I fix it?

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The command to run gnome-disk-utility is

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Looks like in 13.04 it's just called the "disks" menu item from the ubuntu main menu. And is installed by default.

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Xubuntu: Disks utility (palimpsest) and Gparted not showing up anywhere after installation

As in AJefferiss's answer, it's gnome-disks, nowadays.

Compare the file contents list of the package in 12.04 with the one in 12.10. It appears that palimpsest has been renamed to gnome-disks, without leaving a symbolic link behind. I'm surprised to see that last part has happened.

Usually, the developers leave a link there to preserve compatibility. Well, my feeling about this is right, because, there you go, it's a bug!

Make sure to mark yourself affected there by this bug if you feel this should be solved. At the moment of writing this has a very low priority and is unassigned...

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