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My problem is that I am experiencing issues with passwords on Ubuntu installs through Wubi (12.04 LTS x64 and it has happened 4 times) and I'm unable to access the account you set up through Wubi, period.

Here are some things I've tried:

  • Booting into recovery mode via GRUB. The menu doesn't display, despite holding shift after selecting Ubuntu from the dual boot menu (other option being Win 7 HP).

  • Ensured that my num lock key was on. My password is a simple set of integers, chosen primarily because Ubuntu has broken before after I chose a stronger password (w/ curly braces and ^, no high ascii chars)

  • Typing the password on 3 keyboards (on the num pad): an external dell, my laptop's keyboard, and the on-screen keyboard supplied on log in.

  • Googling for similar situations. Google suggested GRUB, which, as I've said, doesn't work.

  • Assured that any previous Linux installs on my drive were completely removed.

Does anybody have suggestions? They would be appreciated.

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Let me show you how you ask questions in AU. edit: now does this not look a lot better? –  Rinzwind Jan 30 '13 at 8:46
Try using the standard numeral keys instead of the numeric keypad. –  jdthood Jan 30 '13 at 8:50
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