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I'm using Ubuntu Quantal. I've recently updated and now my kernel is 3.5.0-23-generic.

After upgrade my NVIDIA driver stopped working... no problem! I re-installed it and now it works.

Now I started my Ubuntu, everything is just fine but:

  • Firefox keeps crashing (always! different timeframes, but always crashes, sometimes 10 sometimes 60 sec after run);
  • when I run apt-get install [something] I get this:

    $ sudo apt-get install curl
    Reading package lists... Done

When I run update Software Updater I get this:

Task cannot be monitored or controlled

The connection to the daemon was lost. Most likely the background daemon crashed.


It seems that the daemon died.

If it helps, I can confess that I had like 2-3 hard reset on my PC recently if you think that could cause such problem. Entered recovery mode, selected fsck, waited a lot, I saw nothing, no change, no message, no progress, waited like 90 mins there, re-hard resetted.

What do you suggest? What could be the source of problem? What should I check/fix?

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I found out solution, these commands fixes everything:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo rm -fr /var/cache/apt/*.bin

I saved above commands as an sh file and I always run it when it crashes again. Hope it helps you also.

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Could you explain the commands, especially line three? Is the first line not superfluous, given line two? Thx. – nutty about natty Jun 28 '15 at 13:21
Line two is redundant: – nutty about natty Jun 28 '15 at 13:55

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