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I can use aptitude to search for packages using a search term. For example, to search for all packages whose name begins with Foo:

$ aptitude search Foo*

However, this listing does not include source packages (package with source code).

How do I search and list source packages using a search term?

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are you referring to ? – VRU Jan 30 '13 at 4:38

Searching: I don't know how to perform a regex search over source package names using apt on the target machine, but one can perform a regex search over source package names by selecting "Source package names" under "Search package directories" at

Listing: Once you know the source package name 'foo', apt-cache showsrc foo shows the source package records for foo.

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this is what I do (besides what is listed) using unity as a example

apt-cache policy unity*

or This is a much larger list that shows you the control files of packages apt-cache show unity*

Or you can use 'dump' to dump everything (not recommended)

apt-cache dump unity*

Or you can use dpkg also like

dpkg-query -l | grep unity*

Or you could use

apt-cache showpkg unity*    

Hope this helps

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For the penultimate line, dpkg -l | grep unity will do the job perfectly. :). No need to use dpkg-query. Besides, you must make sure to use correct regular expressions with grep: your unity* will also match on unit not followed by y, because you've just specified "unit" plus "letter y 0 to n times". Perhaps you actually intended to use unity.* instead. – syntaxerror Jun 4 '15 at 9:43

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