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How can i show Deadbeaf music-player queue, deadbeafmusicplayer has the option to queue music files, but thtere seems no way to have this listed, like a playlist tab or so

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I am not aware of a clear "option to queue music files" in deadbeef; but I guess this would mean adding files to a playlist - which the following solution does:

There are some DeaDBeeF plugins.

Install the DeaDBeeF File Browser plugin (from here: i686, x86_64)

(On their site they say to put the .so file in: ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/

For installation from PPA it is also /usr/lib/deadbeef

while for the installation from .deb: /opt/deadbeef/lib/deadbeef)

Go to Preferences/Plugins/File Browser/Configure and set the default path for the music library (that may well be an external drive).

After that, you will see the music folders in DeaDBeeF in a left panel and each folder can be added (queued) to an existing or new playlist.

enter image description here

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