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I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 yesterday with a dual boot with windows 7. I did a full Ubuntu install (not wubi). I have just noticed that I can mount my files from windows 7 when I am booted to Ubuntu 12.04. I was wondering if I can work with my user windows 7 files when I am in Ubuntu I know how picky windows is and I dont want to mess anything up by accessing the window files when I am not booted to window.

thank you

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Would you please be more specific as to the error. How, precisely, do you try to mount your Windows 7 files from Ubuntu; and what, specifically, happens? (It works effortlessly on my machine.) – Paddy Landau Jan 29 '13 at 15:59

There's no harm in working with your various data files (e.g. documents, music, pictures, videos) in your Windows partition(s) when you're in Ubuntu as long as you keep away from Windows system files, applications files, etc. You should only consider which applications you should use for which file formats carefully in view of different levels of compatibility.

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