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i've just installed ubuntu on my pc for the second time. when it started, i got a message about how bad my disk status is. after a short investigation, i found whats the problem exactly. it says: reallocated sector count: warning normalized 100 worst 100 treshold 50 value 498 sectors current spending sector count: warning normalized 100 worst 1 treshold 0 value 1 sector the others are fine (good or N/A) i dont know what does this data means, and i'll be honest - i dont really want to know... but what i want to know if there is ANY chance i can fix this manually, or when the crash comes in, i can just throw out my hard drive. if it counts, its a toshiba MK2018GAP 20 gb hard disk, and its really, really old. i installed ubuntu 9.11 on it. thanks for helping me any way you can, if you can. have a good day!

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It means that your disk is on its way out, and you are in danger of losing your data suddenly.

Back up all your data, and replace your hard drive as soon as you can.

I had exactly the same error a month or so ago. I tried to manually fix my disk, and it seemed to work for about a week — and then the disk failed completely. Fortunately, I had had the sense to have a full backup of all my data.

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i have no data on this computer, i just want to save it. so, there is no way to fix it. okay, thanks for the response: guabaman – guabaman Jan 29 '13 at 17:05
i meant to save my pc – guabaman Jan 29 '13 at 18:44

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