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I'm quite new to Ubuntu. Being sick of Windows made me decide to give Ubuntu a try. I downloaded Wubi to just check it out, and now I'm in my Wubi-Ubuntu, trying stuff out etc.

It's a bit laggy, but I assume that's because of the virtual disk-installation, and not because of an unstable Ubuntu 12.10 Wubi-version.

So, I want to fully install Ubuntu on my laptop and get rid of Windows 8. I've seen the guide to do this that's already been made by you guys, but I got another question: I've got a huge amount of mp3's that I'm now copying to an external harddrive. I wouldn't mind losing some of these when getting a dedicated Ubuntu partition, but I'd rather not. So my question was, is it possible to copy some of the mp3's into my Wubi-Ubuntu AND use them after the full installation?

Question: can files, stored in Wubi, be used after getting a dedicated partition and deleting the windows one?

Thanks in advance. I'm used to windows, but Ubuntu is new for me. If you guys want some more information, I'll be glad to give it to you.


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the wubi installation should not be especially laggy. you could consider whether ubuntu/unity desktop is the most suitable for your computer specs, or maybe to really get speed could try xubuntu or lubuntu (askubuntu.com/a/178112/47206). especially for an ex-windows user, it might be easy to get a familiar feeling. but you are not forced to remove completely the windows installation. shrink windows partition and use dual boot for a while at least. keep in touch. if you comment back to somebody do not forget to start like this: @somebody's_username, then the message –  cipricus Jan 29 '13 at 11:01
if you delete windows partition before installing ubuntu, you lose those files. but you could install ubuntu first along windows (dual boot), then save the files, and only then think about deleting the windows partition –  cipricus Jan 29 '13 at 11:04
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