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I'm pretty new to Linux computing. So I finally thought of giving Ubuntu a try, by dualbooting it with Windows 8 on my hp dv7-6006tx laptop. Laptop Specs

But after installation, I immediately realised that the fan of the Laptop is spinning very hard and there's a considerable amount of heat underneath, when the laptop was on idle, IE NOTHING RUNNING. - this rarely occurs when running Windows (Unless I'm rendering or encoding movies).

So I'm not sure if this is maybe an incompatibility issue, or if I just need the latest driver software and that things? What also concerned me was how quickly it drained my battery. It didn't even last 30mins, where I can use it for over 2 hours on Windows.

Please advice me, as despite of this issue, I'm really enjoying Ubuntu and would love to make further use of it! :-)


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Open a Terminal and type: ps -eo pcpu,pid,args | sort -k 1 -r | head -15. Please add the output to you question. – serve.chilled Jan 29 '13 at 8:50

there has been several questions about this topic. it seems to be a popular problem and there are some solutions for it. check these answers:

Gnome 3 Ati Fan always on
OpenSource ATI driver - Fan running at full speed all the time

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