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I am trying to create a desktop shortcut or script that will automate terminal command input for me to open a program.

cd /Downloads
cd /GrooveNet-master
cd /project
cd /bin

Once opened, the terminal should also remain open for the program to work.


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Is your program /bin/groovenet or /Downloads/GrooveNet-master/project/bin/groovenet? – mtdevans Jan 28 '13 at 23:11
in the Downloads directory. – user126871 Jan 29 '13 at 14:05

Desktop Launcher

To create a desktop launcher, open up a text editor (e.g. ALT+F2 gedit) and paste in:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Launch GrooveNet

If you don't have an icon, you can leave that line out. Save the file as "Groovenet.desktop" in your Desktop folder (~/Desktop).

Now you need to make it executable, so open up a terminal and enter

sudo chmod +x Groovenet.desktop

That should be it.

If you don't like using the terminal, a graphical way of doing the same thing using gnome-panel is possible too, it's in the Ubuntu documentation (

Keyboard Shortcut

Another way of solving the same problem would be to assign a keyboard shortcut to open the program, which you might find more useful/quicker.

In System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts create a new shorcut. In the "Command:" box, enter gnome-terminal --tab -e "/Downloads/GrooveNet-master/project/bin/groovenet". Give it a name and click Apply, then assign it a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

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