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I am new to Ubuntu and confused to use whether matlab windows version (which I had a copy) using WINE or to install Linux version. If it is good to install Linux version of matlab I would like to know the detail set of instructions to install it.

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do you have installation DVD or you have downloaded the .iso ? – VRU Jan 28 '13 at 6:54
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If you have already a copy of MATLAB, then you could follow these steps to install on your Ubuntu machine.(Assuming you have a downloaded copy)

  1. First make a mount point, which is just a folder. For example:

    mkdir /media/mathworks

  2. Then mount the downloaded ISO to that directory. For this example, the ISO is in the home folder under the downloads folder and the ISO is called matlab.iso(if you have downloaded on to the same system):

    mount -t iso9660 -o loop ~/downloads/matlab.iso /media/mathworks

  3. Now you can navigate there and run the installer as if it were a copy of the DVD, for example:

    cd /media/mathworks


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Once you mount the image or the cd, you only need to execute the install file. You will be prompted for a serial key, then it will install and after that you would need your license file (the path). After that you may have a minor problem at the start (an error message about desktop configuration if I recall correctly). This is due to a permission problem (the program can't write the configuration). Give 'w' permission to the folder and enjoy!

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