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OK, I know there are bunch of back-lit issues already posted and answered but mine is different so please don't' ignore me. lol.

In windows 7, my keyboard back-lit is always turned on while on AC mode, which I like because I work at night and on AC power most of the time. On battery mode, keyboard lights up when a key is pressed and turns off a few seconds.

Now, I completely removed my Windows and installed Ubuntu 12.10 x64. And I love it. Yes I DO. Though I have issues with it, I've managed to fix some issues but can't figure out this 2 issues.

  1. When in AC mode, the back-lit is not "always on" like the way it behaves in Windows before. I'd like to make it always on when I'm in AC mode.

  2. I have two built-in card readers, an SD reader and and ProDuo reader. Neither of them works. I have a Realtek RTS5209 card reader --- lspci result.

I'm very new to Ubuntu(Linux). Please help me with this issues.

Thanks in advance.

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aaah come on.. where's the family? – user126658 Jan 28 '13 at 4:46
I think you should split your issues up - create a question for each one. – marto Feb 8 '13 at 3:39

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