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I just came across metalink. The site says ubuntu uses this. I have never seen any download link at ubuntu with a .metalink file extension (eg - ubuntu_x.yy-iso.metalink).

Also how is udpate manager getting its updates, is it by using multicast?
What is mechanism behind the updates?
How does automatic mirror selection works in ubuntu?

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You'll get better answers from the community if you create a separate question for each item you want to ask. – ændrük Feb 4 '11 at 21:27
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To download Ubuntu using Metalink

Metalink files for downloading Ubuntu are available on the Ubuntu Releases server:

A typical user might find this from Ubuntu's homepage by navigating to Download ▸ Alternative Downloads and then clicking "a location near you".

Right now this is only officially used for downloading complete ISO images, but there is some experimental work being done to leverage Metalink for software updates as well.

To use Metalink files in Ubuntu

To use Metalink files you must have a client program that supports the Metalink standard. Since Metalink is relatively new, few clients exist at this time. At a glance, the command-line program aria2 (install) and the Firefox extension DownThemAll look promising.

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I am using Chrome, when i clicked ubuntu-10.10-alternate-i386.metalink it opened as a xml text file, but not as a download link. The says chrome is supported, am i doing anything wrong. Is it to be open in someother way than just clicking on it. – Vivek Sharma Feb 4 '11 at 21:29
I see no mention of support for Metalink in Google Chrome. Can you show me where you read this? – ændrük Feb 4 '11 at 21:53

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