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My login screen has changed automatically. I want to change it wants. Where can I do it them?

enter image description here

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Per user125929: Can you please be more specific? How did it change? I assume you are using 12.04, since it is in the tag. How do you want to change it also. – Seth Jan 27 '13 at 17:52
Even after your edits and picture: please be more specific. The login screen you're using appears to be KDM (the KDE login screen). Is that what you want to get rid of or customize? Are you running KDE? etc. And I'm lost at the phrases: "I want to change it wants. Where can I do it them?" I don't understand this part. – gertvdijk Jan 28 '13 at 15:43
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It looks like you installed kubuntu-desktop or a similar package. In a terminal run:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm  

You will get a prompt that looks like this:

enter image description here

Hit Enter at the prompt, then select lightdm and hit Enter.

enter image description here

Restart the computer.

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You can check this article on How to change Ubuntu login screen.

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