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It's a fresh install. I installed proprietary drivers for my GTX 670, but it screwed up the resolution, so I reverted back to the open-source drivers.

I then got a lot of messages saying an internal error had occurred and to send the report.

Now when I open Firefox it crashes Ubuntu 12.10 to a black screen for a couple seconds, then puts me back at the login screen.

The black screen says

* Stopping save kernel messages
* Starting CUPS printing spooler/server

* Checking battery state...

* Stopping System V runlevel compatibility

* Starting

I am unsure what is happening. I reinstalled Ubuntu 3 times and keep running across this error. Should I try Ubuntu 13.04?

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Please install the appropriate drivers version by using the appropriate tool.

Go to System Settings, and launch Software Origins. Then, on the Additional drivers tab, check the nvidia-experimental-310 entry and click on Apply changes.

When done, reboot your computer.

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