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I cannot play VCDs in Ubuntu 12.10. But I can play DVDs. I have done a lot research and found a ton of question and regarding this but none of the solutions worked for me.

Here is what i have tried so far

As i said i can play DVD but not any VCDs. To confirm this i have tried different VCDs. I'm using Vlc.

File reading failed:
VLC could not read the file (Input/output error).
File reading failed:
VLC could not read the file (Input/output error).

I'm getting above error message when i try to play VCD using Vlc. I can play the same VCD in Windows XP installation (I have installed both Ubuntu and Windows XP).

Then i tried

sudo apt-get-install ubuntu-restricted-extras

And it said i have updated software.

Then tried installing w32codecs which has already installed then some CDFS files

Actually tried most of the solutions and i have been trying for the last one week....

Please do not mark this as a duplicate, because i have tried most of solutions mentioned in ask ubuntu.

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Install libcdio-utils apt-get install libcdio-utils and then run cd-info which is in that package. It should scan your drive and tell you if it thinks there is a vcd in the drive. If there is one, then we can focus on the vlc side. – rocky Oct 13 '15 at 9:21

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