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So I thought I had finally solved my woes about Cinnamon glitching out (occasionally) when trying to run full-screen games. I set up an alias for 'sudo service lightdm restart; sudo startx'. It worked a few times when something crashed or glitched and I had to ctrl+alt+f2. But now I seem to have screwed something up, because trying to log in from the lightdm login screen on 12.04 shows a familiar screen with some weirdly indented text, and then kicks me back to the login screen without explanation. I've tried removing ~/.Xauthority and then doing the same command as above, but that didn't work. Good thing I left the guest account enabled.

Any suggestions?

Shows what I get for mucking around with things I don't fully understand. But I'll try to learn from this.

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Turns out I was only using the wrong command. When I deleted ~/.Xauthority, I needed to next run sudo service lightdm restart, without using startx. A learning experience indeed.

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so issue gone ? – Raja Jan 27 '13 at 0:55
Yup, it's just vanished. – ssonicblue Jan 29 '13 at 23:47

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