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I have an old rig that I am trying to 1) learn linux and terminal/bash 2) make it into a simple fileserver so that I can mirror my documents through LAN. More specifically I will be using it in an office environment so I can not use Dropbox for example since it goes through their servers (my files are very confidential).

So I would like dropbox like functionality where a file change on my business machine (windows 8) is mirrored to an ubuntu box. Actually I am okay with periodic backup also rather then as soon as I hit "ctrl s" it starts a backup - this actually might not be a good idea considering the harddrives are slow and old and running them a lot is just asking for problems and failure.

Please let me know the easiest root with possible instructions.

EDIT: I think what I am looking for is Samba. After I install samba it will give me a readable/writable folder on my linux machine. I will be able to access this location through explorer in windows.

My next question is: does there exist a backup software that I can manually type in the folder location?

EDIT 2: I believe that syncing to the cloud is also possible as long as the files are being encrypted before they are sent. Any way to incorporate this ? Thanks

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The scope of your question is huge. One could write long manuals or even books to cover the server+backup topic. Try scaling it down to something more answerable within the scope of a single post. – mikewhatever Jan 27 '13 at 1:27
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Is your business computer at an office somewhere outside of your house, where your Ubuntu machine will be?

(Sorry, this should be a comment but I don't have comment privileges)

Edit 1: Since everything connected through LAN, Samba could be a workable option. It's not going to be great though, because it has sync feature. You would have to mount a network folder (Easy), and then manually store documents that you need backed up in that network folder (Labor intensive).

If you need to sync many documents that are changing often, then you should look for a more advanced synchronization tool. For a start, try this SuperUser thread. Remember, once you have mounted the shared folder (on ubuntu machine) into your Windows file system, you can treat it as a local directory, so all you need is software that keeps two local directories in sync.

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No everything is connected through LAN. I might do business outside my office, but to sync right away is not necessary until I step into the office. – masfenix Jan 26 '13 at 21:32
I crossposted this to superuser. I've found my solution -Unison, works great but have to initiate the sync manually, which is fine.… – masfenix Jan 27 '13 at 4:14
Great. Maybe checkmark the solution to mark this thread as solved? – gradi3nt Jan 27 '13 at 15:41
Yes I will. Please edit your answer to include Unison and possibly a link to the superuser thread incase someone else comes upon this thread. Thanks – masfenix Jan 27 '13 at 20:00

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