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I've already got a fully functional ubuntu workstation up and running.
Now in case i have to reinstall ubuntu due to some reason or other, i want to have an entry on the grub menu itself that points to the iso's location on the hard drive, maybe on a completely separate partition.
And when i select that option it should boot from that iso and function exactly as if i'd booted from an install cd.
Any ideas?

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possible duplicate of How to boot live iso images? – Mateo Aug 18 '14 at 6:51

Theoretically, if you create a separate partition and place Ubuntu Live CD contents in it, it should be bootable, but I dont think a simple sudo update-grub would be enough to add an entry to GRUB. You would have to manually create the entry in GRUB's configuration file. In this page you should have the necessary information to do that.

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