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I wanted to try out League of Legends. I installed PlayOnLinux and got LoL working through it, but whenever I ran the game it changed my screen resolution to something a bit smaller than my screeen, I changed this back by pressing 'Fn + F7' which has a screen change icon on my laptop on F7.

I don't know what's happened now, but whenever I turn my laptop off and on again, it loads with a black screen. I have to press 'Fn + F7' every time, and then I just get my desktop loaded but nothing else, no bar at the top, not menu at the side, Ctrl + Alt + T works though and that is how I have been managing to get some things to work.
I have tried reinstalling compiz and unity (said "package not found", so I installed it, but don't really know what it did; nothing changed).

So at the moment, I used Terminal to run 'startx' as root and then run compiz and unity and it is almost normal again but I'm logged in as root, not as me..
So my background is different, my docs aren't there etc.

How can I make it back to normal? I don't really have time to reinstall Ubuntu at the moment, and want to get back to 12.04 or 11.10 as 12.10 seems a bit unfinished.

(I am a bit of a noob at linux, I know basic commands and have been using it for a while)

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You have to reset your unity configuration. Type in terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:amith/ubuntutools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-reset

Logged in as your user, type unity-reset

Source: webupd8

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