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I have a machine running 12.10 (after upgrade from 12.04 which was a clean install). It has 3 1TB drives running software RAID 5 (each drive has a main,and swap partition. 3x main partitions are raided and mounted as /, 3x swap partitions are raided and mounted as swap).

The raid is mounted at / (so the entire OS sits on the RAID array). Now since the upgrade, the system has become really funky, slow & slugish, and exhibits some problems when booting. I don't have any custom configurations or settings i'm afraid of losing, except for the data itself.

Is it possible to perform a clean install WITHOUT losing data?

(and if so, I asume using the alternative ISO, please correct me if i'm wrong)

I remember reading somewhere that a clean install in recent ubuntu version would not override files in /home/ during install, is this true? Should I move files I wish to preserve to /home/? Can a clean install be performed on an existing array?

Also, If there are any pit-falls I should consider/plan ahead for, I'll be glad to know :)

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