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Whenever I attempt to play a video (or an audio file) with Totem I get the following error:

totem invalid commandline The parameters passed to the application had an invalid format. Please file a bug!
The parameters were: --transient-for=75497483 gstreamer|1.0|totem|H.264 decoder|decoder-video/x-h264, level=(string)3, profile=(string)high, stream-format=(string)avc, alignment=(string)au, parsed=(boolean)true

I've added the gnome3 team's PPA if that matters.

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I ran into the same problem as you did. So I tested my video playback (mp4, h264) with VLC and it worked very well. But I wasn't able to have Quicktime playback in Firefox with the mozilla-plugin-vlc and browser-plugin-vlc.

So my advise to you would be to use mplayer with gecko-mediaplayer. This solves all my problems.

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This solve my problem.

sudo apt-get install h264enc

will install H.264 in your system.

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I had this problem for awhile on debian. The solution was to install some recommended packages of totem. gstreamer1.0-libav helped there.

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