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I created two bootable USB: Lubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04 from my windows machine.


I installed Ubuntu 12.04, everything is fine. A popup window appears that says something like "I have successfully installed the operating system and a reboot is required." I am about to click the reboot now button, when the electricity went off (No laptop battery)! Now I boot back, and found out that my Ubuntu will only normally boot if the USB is plugged in, if I removed it, only the blinking insert cursor will just be there for me.


With my crazy mind, I thought of installing the Lubuntu 12.04 so it will forget memories of Ubuntu 12.04. I inserted the USB and there goes the installation. All went well, I played with Lubuntu for a couple of hours. But then, my consciousness reminds me : I want my Ubuntu back.


Once more, I inserted the Ubuntu 12.04. I miss the violets, so I expected that much I'll see it. But then, I am a failure. Here is this shitty GRUB rescue that keeps telling me error blah, blah.


Nowhere to go, booted back to Lubuntu 12.10. Type my story here and hoping someone will lead me back to my home... Ubuntu.

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Thanks for the compliment. No, I'm not. But I want to be a director. Any idea about my problem anyway? – fishcracker Jan 25 '13 at 16:44

Looks like a bug in windows installer.

Easy way -

  1. Reinstall ubuntu by replacing lubuntu.
  2. Still facing same issue? Boot up with live ubuntu disk and use boot-repair tool. Click on "Recommended repair ". At end it will give a url, note that down. If these step doesn't fix the issue, post that link here.

Advance Option : If you are know how to customize partition.

Install ubuntu, while installing there will be prompt saying "Replace current ubuntu", "Reinstall Ubuntu" and Something Else

Choose "something else"

Then do the routine assignment of partition mapping. (If you don't what I am saying stick to Easy option)

Make sure boot-loader location is your hard disk not usb disk. (Hard disk most probably will be marked as sda where as usb as sdb)

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Thanks a friend in need. Easy way 1 is my choice, however it wont let me install my Ubuntu from my USB. Also, I don't have the Windows anymore, right now my laptop is only having Lubuntu. – fishcracker Jan 25 '13 at 16:19
My friend here is the pastebin link – fishcracker Jan 25 '13 at 16:22

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