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I run an update today on my Mac and it updated GRUB. I select it to leave it and not update it however when I reboot, rEFIt didn't appear and went straight to GRUB. I can boot into ubuntu but not into OS X.

When I shutdown and then turn the power back on while holding the OPTION key it does nothing and goes straight to the GRUB menu. I really need to get back to my OS X partition so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I was unaware that osx understood grub much less has updates for it. I would use a refit boot cd to fix the issue, it's likely you installed grub to the wrong location. – zoopster Jan 25 '13 at 14:19
Can't boot a USB drive. Because I have no access to the menu that appears when holding option. I also have no DVD drive. – lordqwerty Jan 25 '13 at 14:49
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I went to my local Mac store and the technician had a look.

Turns out on newer versions of MacBooks you can hold OPTION+R This will bypass everything and take you straight into recovery.

  • From there launch the disk utility manager
  • Set Mac HD as your default drive.
  • Reboot then login on OS X check in the preferences that Mac HD is the start up disk.
  • Shutdown and you should hopefully see rEFIt and carry on as normal.

Hope this helps anyone who has the same problem I did.

As a note as well, if you're silly like me and didn't make a USB key (make one!) with your version of OS X! Lots of guides around on how to do it. Guide: LifeHacker Burn OS X to DVD/USB

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